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fresh-baked experience

When you start with Rich’s bread and roll doughs, you’ve got a delicious foundation to build on.
Rich's Sandwiches: What it Takes to Make It

Consumers are seeking out places that pay attention to details and deliver delicious dining experiences. They are also willing to pay more for authentic and premium items. Fresh-baked bread is one of the easier ways to introduce that on the menu. It is the undisputed foundation of every great sandwich.

The Sandwich Opportunity

Simple & Authentic Ingredients
Rich, buttery egg bread from France is sprouting up with increasing frequency as a burger bun. Rich’s Brioche is made with real butter, eggs and sugar delivering a promise of authenticity and great taste. Our new premium roll doughs have been customer approved for great flavor and texture.
Flavor varieties come in various sizes so you can choose how you will deliver the fresh-baked experience. Perfect for all dayparts and menu applications. The beauty of dough is the ease of customization from reshaping, to adding toppings or washes.
Operationally Friendly
One of the challenges of fresh-baking is getting the right measurements of ingredients and the mixing process. With that step eliminated, the focus is on the proper thawing and proofing of the dough. Then it is off to the oven with the smell of baking bread wafting through the air.



Sandwich Product Details

Rich's Proof-and-Bake Sandwich Details

From our versatile doughs to our par-baked and fully-baked offerings, Rich’s has a wide portfolio of breads and rolls that work for your kitchen.

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