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what it takes to make it

When you start with Rich’s bread and roll doughs, you’ve got a delicious foundation to build on.
Rich's Sandwiches: What it Takes to Make It

Consumers are looking for unique, adventurous flavors they can’t prepare at home. Rich’s® wide portfolio of breads, rolls and artisan specialties make it easy to up your sandwich game – and from proof-and-bake and par-baked to fully baked options, there’s a product to perfectly match your needs and equipment.

The Sandwich Opportunity

From quick service sandwiches to gourmet creations, sandwiches are endlessly customizable for any budget – and customers will pay more for unique items made with quality ingredients.
Sandwiches make it easy for patrons to explore new flavors, because they’re authentic to almost every culture, yet familiar and comforting.
With the flexibility to span dayparts, cuisines and cravings, there’s a sandwich for every menu.
From breakfast on-the-go to street-side munching, sandwiches are a great way to offer fast, portable, delicious meals.


Sandwich Recipes

Capture your share of the market now by offering your customers a variety of delicious recipes that will satisfy every taste.


Sandwich Product Details

Rich's Proof-and-Bake Sandwich Details

From our versatile doughs to our par-baked and fully-baked offerings, Rich’s has a wide portfolio of breads and rolls that work for your kitchen.